Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Computer Virus

We got a computer virus late Monday night. UGH! I can't live without my computer! LOL

Good News though, my husband researched the virus from his computer at work and found exactly what virus was affecting us. It also gave about 20 pages of instructions on how to repair it. He spent HOURS on the computer last night, but it looks like his determination worked! I am back up again!!!

It was a strange virus that I have not even heard of happening. An anti virus company hijacks your computer in a way and will not let you do ANYTHING on your computer until you buy their program which was $50 for only three months! I do not know how the virus gets onto the computer but it gets on there and hangs out until you restart your computer, then it goes crazy. We accidentally restared the computer Monday night when Don tripped over the cord. He ended up getting it off the computer without us having to give this horrible company any money. Yay, Don!!!

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