Wednesday, November 23, 2011


How do I get signed up to do Product Reviews and host Contests I wonder... I am going to find that out and get us some contests going! :o)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

BOY HAS A LOT CHANGED SINCE MARCH 2, 2010!!! I stopped using Blogger and went to a regular .com. I used that for awhile until I got a wonderful job in Jacksonville, FL. Well, that wonderful job didn't turn out so wonderful and by the time that ended I was pregnant with my third daughter and my husband had lost his job. So now there are five of us living at home with Mom along with my two sisters, their families, my grandmother and all of our animals. Well, ALMOST all of our animals... My families dogs are being babysat by my brother and his family... So, now I am kicking myself for letting the .com expire because now evidently it is cool to coupon! Who knew it wasn't cool before??? Oh well, you live and learn. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rest in Peace Wayne 04/08/50 - 02/24/10

One of my best friends in the entire world passed away, Wednesday, February 24, 2010. I will miss him dearly. Maybe I am being a little selfish here, but I keep thinking about this. Who am I going to call when I am in the car line waiting for Isabella, or when I am driving down the road lonely and wanting to talk to someone. I am definitely a phone talker in the car. Wayne is always the first person I think about when I pick up the phone in the car to call someone. I guess this is because we talked every morning on my way to work for so many years. It has become such a habit for him to be the first one to call when I have good news, bad news or to just talk about my day. He called me a lot too, up until these past couple of weeks. I knew something was wrong when I couldn't get him to answer the phone or to return my calls, but at least I could talk to his voicemail until Wednesday. Wayne, I love you and miss you so much already! I hope you are in a much better place and are looking down on all of us right now saying everything is OK for you and will be OK for us soon enough. I can't have too many guardian angels, no one can. I would love if you were one of mine.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Big Lot's Family and Friends 20% off Event

Go here: to sign up for the Buzz Club and to print a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase at Big Lot's this Sunday.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

FREE Disney Tiana Enchanted Call

Use Code: GUMBO at Disney Movie Rewards and get a FREE Enchanted Call from Tiana! I love Disney Movie Rewards. If you are not signed up, you need to sign up now.

You earn codes anytime you buy a Disney Movie, CD or go see a Disney Movie in Theatres. You then redeem your points for all sorts of Disney Merchandise, even Airfare!

Hobby Lobby 40% off Coupon

Go here: to print a 40% off Hobby Lobby Coupon. I am really a fan of Hobby Lobby right now because they have the best deal that I have found on barrettes to make bows with. Wal-Mart has the cheapest ribbon though )if you still have a fabric section at your Wal-Mart). I am REALLY addicted to bow making right now!

Publix Deals 2/17 - 2/23

Go here: to see all of the Publix deals of the week. My Publix's prices are a little more than what is on this site, but still close.

Classico Pasta Sauce 8.1-24oz B1G1 $2.67

-$.75 coupon 1/10 SS

Final Price: $.59

Mueller’s Pasta 12 or 16oz or 100% All Natural Whole Wheat Pasta 13.25oz B1G1 $1.39

-$1/2 coupon 1/3 SS

Final Price: $.19

Post Cereal Pebbles Golden Crisp Alpha Bits or Honeycomb 11-14.75oz B1G1 $3.99

-$1/2 coupon 1/17 SS

-Free Gallon of Milk WYB 4 Post Cereals Publix Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer

Final Price: $1.50 + free milk WYB 4

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Candy Bars or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 6pk 8.7-9.6oz B1G1 $4.19

-$1 coupon 1/10 SS

Final Price: $1.10

Thanks AGAIN Frugal Fairhope!

Winn Dixie Deals 2/17 - 2/23

Nabisco Saltines Crackers $.99

-$1 coupon 1/24 SS

Final Price: Free

Coffee-Mate Creamers $5/3

2/7 RP

Final Price: $.91

Butterball Smoked Turkey Bacon $1.59

-$.75 coupon 1/10 SS

Final Price: $.84

Thanks again, Frugal Fairhope!

FREE Pancakes on National Pancake Day

Go here: to read all of the details on how you can get FREE Pancakes from IHOP on February 23rd from 7 AM to 10 PM. FREE with a donation, so not 100% FREE, but still a good cause, so a good deal!

Food World Deals 2/17 - 2/23

Gorton’s Fish Sticks or Fillets

3.99 -$1/2 coupon 1/3 & 1/24 SS

Final Price: $.99
Thanks, Frugal Fairhope!

Food World has not had the best sales since they sold out, but I like shopping there because they have a lot of reduced items. For example, yesterday I went.

I bought:

A pack of Dole Shredded Lettuce (I LOVE shredded lettuce) for $0.99

A pack of those yummy soft sugar cookies with the icing and sprinkles for $2.00 (These were not out of date, they were in Mardi Gras colors, so they were reduced.)

Two Pork Tenderloins for around $4.00 each

A bag of bananas for $0.94

A tray of red potatoes for $1.04

A large package of Luncheon Meat for $1.00

All of the above was reduced. I promise you, in this house, it will all get used before it goes bad! Publix doesn't reduce food. I know they give their bakery items to the church, but what about the other items? I questioned them one time about their meat. I asked when their mark down days were. They said they never marked their meat down. OK, so what do they do with it then? Throw it away? That is absurd! I have ALWAYS purchased meat on mark down and have never had any problems. If it doesn't look good, I don't buy it. What I do buy, I either use within one day or freeze it the day I buy it.

Ready to Shop for Some Easter Basket Stuffers

New Toy Coupons are up! Go here: to print the following coupons.

$4.00 off Playskool TUMBLE 'N TWIRL Top

$2.00 off Playskool GLOWORM

$2.00 off Playskool MR. POTATO HEAD Classic

$3.00 off Playskool MR. POTATO HEAD Toy Story

$3.00 off Playskool WHEEL PALS Mini 4 Pack

$10.00 off Hasbro CHUCK MY TALKING TRUCK

$5.00 off Hasbro CHUCK & FRIENDS FOLD 'N GO Play Set

$3.00 off Hasbro CHUCK & FRIENDS FLEET


Buy One Get One FREE Hasbro Pony Friends Single Assortments up to $6.99

$5.00 off Hasbro MY LITTLE PONY So Soft Newborns, Family Convertible or Ferris Wheel Purchase

$5.00 off Hasbro any STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE purchase of $20.00 or more

$10.00 off Hasbro SCRABBLE DELUXE

$4.00 off Hasbro CLUE

$5.00 off Hasbro Electronic CATCH PHRASE

$4.00 off Hasbro SORRY!

$4.00 off Hasbro SCRABBLE

$5.00 off Hasbro PICTUREKA!

$4.00 off Hasbro MONOPOLY

$5.00 off Hasbro GUESSTURES

$5.00 off Hasbro The Game of THINGS

$5.00 off Playskool SIT 'N SPIN

$5.00 off Playskool BUSY BALL POPPER

$5.00 off Playskool STEP START WALK 'N RIDE

Match these coupons up with some after Christmas Toy Clearance finds and you are all set!!! I know Wal-Mart has a lot of these toys on clearance right now!

FREE Auntie Anne Pretzel Day

Saturday, February 20th from 10 AM to 3 PM, go to Auntie Anne's to get a FREE Original or Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel. Go here: for more details.

Taste Buds

Did you know that your taste buds "dance around"? OK, I DID know that, BUT I just had to smile when my just turned seven year old, Isabella, told me that yesterday. It sounded so grown up to hear out of her mouth! She wanted me to try some Golden Puffs cereal which I really do not like. She said, "Mom, you need to try it again, you know your taste buds dance around and you never know, you might like it now!" Little does she know, that I will now use that statement on her now! LOL

Sample of New NESTLÉ® ABUELITA Granulado

Go here: to get a FREE sample of New NESTLÉ® ABUELITA Granulado.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I have a new hobby!

Yep, that's all I need, something to take up more of my time and money! Isabella and I had so much fun making hairbows today! Have you bought a pretty bow at the store lately? You can easily drop $6 to $10 on ONE! Yep, just one! I bought about 20 different ribbons, three packs of blank barrettes, a hot glue gun, glue sticks and a plastic box to hold everything in. I spent $25 max! This will make A LOT of bows! I am so excited!!! Check this site out if you are in to hairbow making: This lady gives a lot of good hints to this neat new hobby!


We had some BEAUTIFUL snow here yesterday!!! Something we very rarely get here! It was so pretty, but was all gone by this afternoon. Not even a hint was left! If I could only find my camera cord...