Sunday, November 8, 2009

Target 90% off Halloween Merchandise

Target has lowered their Halloween Merchandise to 90% off!!! Go get 'em! When a sale hits 90%, I sort of go overboard, but this is as close to FREE as you can pretty much get! I let my kids load up a buggy. They had a great time doing it and I only spent $21.70 on what would have cost $217.00!!! We all had a GREAT time dressing the puppy in his new Devil costume and the cats in their rooster and Pharaoh costume. My husband is not too thrilled about that, he hates when people dress their pets up, and the pets are none to happy with any of us right now, but it was worth it for an afternoon of memories... Now I need to go hide some costumes while my six year old is asleep...

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