Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Shopping

The majority of the time, shopping IS a pleasure at Publix. I have only had one complaint about a horrible cashier in the past at Publix, that was last Christmas Eve. Well... it's holiday time again! I checked out last night at the Publix in Helena, AL. I went through Wendy's line, she was so frustrated with my coupon usage that she leaned over after she finished checking me out and glared at me and whispered that I was ripping the store off with my coupon usage. She was horrible throughout all of the coupon scanning and had snide comments about each coupon. This does not happen to me often, I am VERY serious about my coupon usage, I make sure every coupon I use is 100% legal and correct! For her to be so ugly to me and try to make me feel like I was doing something wrong flew all over me! I went straight to customer service and had a nice talk with a girl and a guy up there. They were very apologetic. I felt much better after I left, but tell me, why? Why the rudeness, the coupon dollars ARE NOT coming out of her pocket and she is not getting less money for me saving so much! By the way, I saved $109 and only spent $39. Yea me!

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