Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Isabella FINALLY got her Elf this year. She has been wanting one to come visit her for many years, we figured out this year what we were doing wrong. We read somewhere that you have to write Santa a letter prior to Thanksgiving asking for one to come visit. I didn't know that you had to request one! So, the day after Thanksgiving, she woke up to find a VERY pretty Elf in her bed laying beside her. She decided she would name her Hopeful Hannah after her best friend, Hope and Hannah Montana of course! Saturday, Hopeful Hannah was sweet enough to leave Isabella the DVD Merry Madagascar, I am not calling it a movie, just a DVD. Did you know that it is only 22 minutes long? I didn't! Sunday, Hopeful Hannah should have brought coal, but instead just did not bring anything or even do anything fun. Monday, Hopeful Hannah brought Isabella the movie Christmas Do Over. It is a cute movie that is an ABC Family Original. Let me tell you what Hopeful Hannah decided to do this morning! She rolled Isabella's bed and our Christmas tree in toilet paper! We KNOW it was Hopeful Hannah because Isabella found her on the Christmas tree with the empty toilet paper roll around her! Hopeful Hannah is SO funny! I can't wait to see what else she decides to do or bring!

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