Friday, September 11, 2009

I got 154 Pounds of Cat Liter Today for only $7.59!!!

Pet Central 14 lb Scoopable Cat Liter is marked $6.99, but is ringing up $0.69 at most CVS locations. I ended up with 11 containers for $7.59 total! This is a great deal! One CVS I went to, it rang up $3.49, so I passed on that store.

Other Good Deals I Found and Purchased at CVS

Clean and Clear Travel Size $0.99 Each Used $1 Coupons which took off exactly $3.96. - I bought four of these.

Little Bathroom Cups Clearance $0.25 Regular $1.00 - I bought five packs.

Hula Hoop Clearance $0.79 Regular $7.99

Kite Clearance $0.39 Regular $3.99

Plastic Playground Balls Clearance $0.19 Regular $1.99 - I bought two.

Camp Rock or High School Musical Card Games in a Cloth like Binder Clearance $0.89 Regular $8.99 - I bought five to put in my gift tub.

All together with tax and all, I spent $16.36. If I paid regular price, I would have paid $158.50!!!

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